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  • whatsappTechnology World

    In this whatsapp group you'll find all kind of technology updates about the current innovations and gadgets. If you don't want to miss them, join us!

    Technology World
  • whatsappTechnological curiosities

    This is the best technology-centered server on whatsapp, so if you want to be updated about the latest innovations, join us!

    Technological curiosities
  • whatsappICT Academy

    This is a computer science group where you will find a lot of news and information about ICT tech to enovate and create through knowledge base. If you want to know more about ICT certification or how to become an IT Technician ...

    ICT Academy
  • whatsappCoding World

    If you want to know more about programming and coding, join us! In this group you'll find the latest technology updates. Don't miss them!

    Coding World

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WhatsApp groups: Technology

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