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  • whatsappIndian Ubermensch

    An experiment to find out if people who want to become better come along without an invitation. This link is only available here and I'm the only admin and one person in that group at the moment. If you want to have an online ...

    Indian Ubermensch
  • whatsappBipolar support

    The intention is to have a place to go to get guidance and be encouraged by others through their own experiences and advice when life throws one a curveball. We all need support for the downs and even the manic ups we experience.

    Bipolar support
  • whatsappFantastican

    Looking for members who will join our group. Our mission is to help people to reach their potential and help them to become the best version of themselves. If you are interested, join our group😄

  • whatsappBe you for you!

    For people who fell alone, sad lonely! This a whatsapp group just for those who need someone to talk to! If you want to help others, you'r welcome! Join mostly teens please.

    Be you for you!
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