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  • whatsappThe Scientific Mind

    In our society😊, Science🔬 contributes significantly to the production of knowledge🧠 and thus contributes to the functioning of democracies, drives innovation🦿 and helps countries to be competitive in the global economy💸 Scie...

    The Scientific Mind
  • whatsappAstromaniacs

    1)Only share about astronomy and
    2)porn is not allowed
    3)no dirty things
    3)only english
    4)astronomy and science group links are allowed in group
    5)If rules are broken participant will be removed from group

  • whatsappPC science club

    Welcome everyone, to PC Science Whatsapp Group. If you love pc science, join our amazing community. See ya!

    PC science club
  • whatsappScience club!

    This is a science group! Great teachers and students are added so here you all will end up loving science after joining us! Let's enjoy science!

    Science club!
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