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  • whatsappGrow online everyday- learn how to make money onli

    Learn the steps and basics of affiliate marketing and how to grow your income online. Don't just sit there on social media all day and night turn your time into devotion and will and become a millionaire using your p...

    Grow online everyday- learn how to make money onli
  • whatsappLearn Korean with 에메랄드

    Hi I'm Emerald your Korean guide and tutor, in this one year intensive lesson we would teach you everything there is to know about Korean. So that you could be able to watch, listen and speak with confidence the Korean language...

    Learn Korean with 에메랄드
  • whatsappFor gays only

    Come and make friends and be happy and also have fun,also get to know people and be happy and also enjoy your self believing that tomorrow will be better than today

    For gays only
  • whatsappEveryday Gaming Tournament

    Are you a Call Of Duty player here is an opportunity to Make money everyday by playing CODM Everyday BR Tournament and win big

    Everyday Gaming Tournament
  • whatsappPrayer hall

    Is a plant form of prayers 🙏
    You are also prayed for weekly. Join to set your life on fire 🔥.
    If there's a man to pray, there's a God to answer

    Prayer hall
  • whatsappFREE FIRE LORDS 😈☠️🎮💥

    Come and team up with pros,we share latest updates on free fire and we also help rank up💥,free fire legends come together let's vibe

  • whatsappCatholic Faith Forum

    Our duty as Catholics is to *know* the truth; to *live* the truth; to *defend* the truth; to ```share``` the truth with others; and to ```suffer``` for the truth. *Where we come to nourish our Catholic Faith and find peace a...

    Catholic Faith Forum
  • whatsappParents and home

    Let's come together and help build our home, help and protect our children, giving then the best we can.

    Parents and home
  • whatsappAmazon affiliate program

    EARN MONEY FROM AMAZON AFFILIATE PROGRAM* Affiliate Website Is The Best Way To Earn Online. Order Now And Start Earning Huge Passive Income With This Autopilot Store. HOW IT WORKS : I Create Affiliate Website With Full...

    Amazon affiliate program
  • whatsappVaccationfun

    Vaccationfun.com.ng is a free travel booking adviser that compares millions of cheap flights, hotels, car hires, airport taxis, and trains, and also provides travel-related information, such as tours, trips, tickets, city cards...


    VERSITY OF VAWULENCE 🔥🔥 is where we meet, chat and beef all for cruise. When it comes to memes,jokes,beefs, friendship, vawulence..etc.. we are all here to give you the best. Why not join us today? Spamming ❌ Posting of link...

  • whatsappLGBTQ CONNECT

    The first time I saw him at the end of the corridor, I knew he was mine! We are the hottest gay couple in college!

  • whatsappDonanike Empowerment

    THE DONANIKE EMPOWERMENT PROJECT: The Donanike Empowerment Project is focused on motivating and encouraging people to discover and materialize their destinies. ...TRANSFORMING HUMANITY THROUGH MOTIVATIONAL EDUCATION . ...

    Donanike Empowerment
  • whatsappMake money

    Make money now with this platform now the best ever come and you would not reget it so come in and be happy

    Make money
  • whatsappRevelation of God

    This group is for your Spiritual Growth, you grow above all that hunts man, most importantly you know God for yourself and you discover that God can talk to you and use you to solve problems as he uses anyone you might be think...

    Revelation of God
  • whatsappHaps update 💯

    Hi am happiness

    I have an amazing 🤩 group where I post sweet updates you are welcome to join my adventurous group

    Haps update 💯
  • whatsappAffiliate Marketing Group

    Learn how to sell digital products and get paid commissions for each sales.... Register now on Expertnaira, Digitstem, Selar and other affiliate marketing platforms.

    Affiliate Marketing Group
  • whatsappArviscollections

    I own Arvi's Collections. Recently wigs and bundles are seen to be the standard for every black woman. So i have made it my sole responsibility to provide quality hair with a resonable price.

  • whatsappPassive Income Online

    Do you know you can earn from 50k-300k weekly online through passive income? According to wikipedia, passive income is income that is acquired automatically with minimal labor to earn or maintain. It is often combined with a...

    Passive Income Online
  • whatsappMovie Update

    Join Today and get the latest 2023 Movies, Movies from NetNaija, FzMovies, Netflix Premium Movies, Nollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood Movies

    Movie Update
  • whatsappMake money online

    For sure method of making money online join the group

    To change your financial story join the group

    Note: Nigerians only

    We must make this money online

    Make money online

    Get latest UAAG grant updates and how to apply and disbursement updates. You also get information on latest grants and how you can apply

  • whatsappReggae Lovers

    The lovers of Reggae meet here! Do you love reaggae music? If you do, you will love sharing it and hanging out with those who share the same passion with you. The best place to be is our group called Reggae Lovers on whatsapp...

    Reggae Lovers

    *🔐WELCOME TO SINGLE LIFE OF LOVE 🔐*(This group chat is all about getting to know someone, having fun, making new friends,finding a partner into a relationship,Love is been enjoyed here(BENIN CITY).

  • whatsappNigeria gay🍆🍆🥒❤️

    This group is for gays we help each other on how to make it to the top let us be one let us love each other pls no hating of one another ♥️♥️🍆🥒♥️🍆🤷 please also share the link to get more contact

    Nigeria gay🍆🍆🥒❤️
  • whatsappSolid Dollar Games

    For all gamers
    Lovers of FIFA
    This is a Gaming Community
    Naija to the world

    Solid Dollar Games
  • whatsappMillionaire WhatsApp business group

    I have a business am into called pure network business platform where the pay me close to 50k-86k weekly. I can show you how it works that's if you are interested If YES join our group 👇👇

    Nigerian ONLY 👊👊

    Millionaire WhatsApp business group
  • whatsappYuan update group

    Earn free update & make cool money. Join & get free updates Incase you don't know This update is almost like tower capital✍️✍️ Register and start build your team Withdrawal confirmed💯✅ 🔥 *NEW FREE SITE* ( *SAME ROBOT...

    Yuan update group

    I promise you in this group that you must,I repeat you must cashout weekly 💰💰🤑only with a one time registration fee of 3500 in this platform MIRATEL you must chase sapa out of your life

  • whatsappSAFE SPACE 🔐🌹💫💞🏳️‍🌈

    Set yourself free 🦋
    Safe space 🧷
    make new friends
    anonymous link
    discussion and many more....

    SAFE SPACE 🔐🌹💫💞🏳️‍🌈
  • whatsappSewing machine repair online tutoring

    *Greetings, my name is Engineer SirPeace, I am a sewing machine technician/mechanic, due to the scarcity of sewing machine Engineers, I have decided to create a whatsapp group for all tailors/seam stress. What do yo...

    Sewing machine repair online tutoring
  • whatsappSAFE SPACE 🔐🌹💫💞🏳️‍🌈

    Set yourself free🦋
    Safe space 🧷
    Make new friends👥
    Partners 🫂
    Anonymous links
    Discussions and many more...

    SAFE SPACE 🔐🌹💫💞🏳️‍🌈
  • whatsappANIME GODS

    This group is made only for anime Gods that have watched over 1000 animes. Warning: if you have not watched over 1000 animes then you will be disappointed because you will not understand anything we will say. We may talk about ...

  • whatsappAmong us SUS

    We play among us in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. Join us and please say hi when you join and your name

    Among us SUS
  • whatsappRiddle/Puzzling/Bible Questions

    On selected days, and fixed time, Riddle/Puzzling Questions will be posted on group, sometimes though, the riddle Questions may come from bible. Each question have a limited time given before the answer is provided.

    Riddle/Puzzling/Bible Questions
  • whatsappCrush hairs

    We deal on preordering cheap luxury and affordable hairs directly from Vietnam

    We also offer payment on delivery services on hairs that are already on ground

    Crush hairs
  • whatsappSewing machine repair online tutoring

    Due to the scarcity of sewing machine technicians, I wishes to tutor you on how you can service (particularly) your black head sewing machines at home or working facility. By joining, you agree that you'll patronize my efforts ...

    Sewing machine repair online tutoring
  • whatsappThe 🌈community

    Meet new people and let's have fun I've been looking for a group that has all these qualities but it's been hard to find one so I decided to create this group. I hope any one that joins in gets the best experience and I know I'...

    The 🌈community
  • whatsappOtaku Port Harcourt

    Otaku Port Harcourt is a Community WhatsApp group for Anime/Manga lovers residing / Schooling in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Also, regular commuters to port Harcourt can join. We as a community organize hangouts where we...

    Otaku Port Harcourt
  • whatsappCrush hair

    This is a preorder group that sell raw Vietnamese hairs at very affordable price We give hope to people who want to indulge in this business for them to purchase hairs at cheap rate and resell to make huge profit . Retailers...

    Crush hair
  • whatsappForxy Wardrobe

    Forxy Wardrobe is a fashion Arena for the kings and queens, for the dope male and female of all category, all Taste & specifications where you get to shop for every dresses, shoes,and more at an wholesale prices and you get to...

    Forxy Wardrobe
  • whatsappミWËÊB G@MĒR$彡🎮🎧🍜👺

    🥂ミA group for Gamers and Weebs/Animefans. Feel free to post or discuss anything Game or anime related. No toxicity, insults, porn related content, hate speech, links or business ads unrelated to anime or games. Send link and ge...

    ミWËÊB G@MĒR$彡🎮🎧🍜👺
  • whatsappCall of Duty Nigeria

    Call of duty WhatsApp group free for everyone !
    Feel free to join ...respect everyone in this group please no fighting ...but vawulence is allowed....please feel free in the group

    Call of Duty Nigeria
  • whatsappFree web development class

    Salam aleakum waramotullahi wabarakatuhu Are You Interested In Learning Web design/web development? This is an *Empowerment program* for both Muslim Brothers and Sisters only! This empowerment program covers many prog...

    Free web development class
  • whatsappMake Money With Piggyvest

    I'll be showing you how to make money on piggyvest with as low as 100 naira
    I'll show you the Step by step procedure and it's very easy

    Make Money With Piggyvest
  • whatsappDigitstem UMM {affiliate}

    There are many ways to get money in this Nigeria despite the hard times😢 Listen carefully 🤓as a Nigerian everyone is looking for jobs to do to get money including online jobs Also the gains of online business has changed so m...

    Digitstem UMM {affiliate}
  • whatsappLets make money and grow rich 💰

    Do you want to me money? A new way has been ignite for people to make money worldwide without no followers or registering with money and you get paid by just performing daily task, if you are really interested in Joining kindly...

    Lets make money and grow rich 💰
  • whatsappWISE STUDENTS

    This group was created for the purpose of leaning.

    Don't post irrelevant things in it otherwise you will be removed without gives warning.

    Respect each other

    Wise students are brilliant student s

  • whatsappAgosasa Community High S.

    This group has been created for the purpose of leaning.

    Don't post irrelevant things in it otherwise you will be removed from the group without give warning.
    Respect each other

    Agosasa Community High S.
  • whatsappMoney update cash out

    In this group you will be seeing different kinds of ways to make money
    And note no posting of links in the group

    Money update cash out

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