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  • whatsappLets make money and grow rich 💰

    Do you want to me money? A new way has been ignite for people to make money worldwide without no followers or registering with money and you get paid by just performing daily task, if you are really interested in Joining kindly...

    Lets make money and grow rich 💰
  • whatsappWISE STUDENTS

    This group was created for the purpose of leaning.

    Don't post irrelevant things in it otherwise you will be removed without gives warning.

    Respect each other

    Wise students are brilliant student s

  • whatsappAgosasa Community High S.

    This group has been created for the purpose of leaning.

    Don't post irrelevant things in it otherwise you will be removed from the group without give warning.
    Respect each other

    Agosasa Community High S.
  • whatsappMoney update cash out

    In this group you will be seeing different kinds of ways to make money
    And note no posting of links in the group

    Money update cash out
  • whatsappBusiness in Nigeria

    Marketing, Promotion, Buy and Sell. Post whatsoever you want to sell and demand for whatever you want to buy

    Business in Nigeria
  • whatsappEyonbo Anobi Music/Band🎧🎶

    This group has been created for the purpose of music

    Don't post irrelevant thing in it otherwise you will be removed from the group without giving warning

    Respect each other

    Eyonbo Anobi Music/Band🎧🎶

    Vawulence is what we stand for not violent. Feel free to post vawulence pictures bef members send memes, jokes, games,etc.. Peace is never an option and we don't give room for peace talk. Meet new people and make friends in ...

  • whatsappBetter English Leaning

    This group has been created for the purpose of improving your English.

    Don't post irrelevant things in it otherwise you will be removed from the group without giving a warning

    Respect each others

    Better English Leaning
  • whatsappSwisderm Weath Creation

    Swisderm Wealth Creation is a Networking Platform where Information, Team Building, Coaching, Communication, Education, Sales are discussed for Entrepreneurial Advancement.

    Swisderm Weath Creation
  • whatsappAbuja connect

    A platform to connect to new people and maybe aquire new Friends in the city of Abuja.
    Want to know people around you?
    Join let's get to know each other

    Abuja connect
  • whatsappLegit update&make money💯💯🇺🇸✅

    Join the group, for legitimate news and updates 💯💯💯 making soft money online .. no scam zone 💯💯💯 verified

    Legit update&make money💯💯🇺🇸✅
  • whatsappJapa (Travel) Jobs

    my WhatsApp group link for travelling and international job opportunities.

    We update the latest job visa opportunities and scholarships everyday.


    Japa (Travel) Jobs
  • whatsappCity Index Forex Academy

    You're Welcome to *CITY INDEX INSTITUTE* :: This PLATFORM out of many other's is mainly for educational and learning purpose only. Every single information are vital for your personal trading development and growth DISCLAIME...

    City Index Forex Academy
  • whatsappAnime (world) 🔥🔥

    Fun group to join to discuss about anime and movies For the culture 🔥🥴 and vawulence 😂 Introduction format ✅ Name ✅ Top 5 favorite animes ✅ Best anime character (villain or hero) ✅ Your pic if you want to 😗 Rules ✅No...

    Anime (world) 🔥🔥

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  • whatsappGrowth Celeb

    Join us now and start gaining your 100 daily base followers, likes and comments. No abusive words, no link posting let's get one mine and we will move

    Growth Celeb
  • whatsappAm I 5d or fodder🤔

    Gunslinger The drawing of the three The Stand The Eyes of the dragon The Talisman The Wastelands Wizard and Glass Salem's lot The mist IT Insomnia Rose Madder Desperation The Regulators Everything's eventual...

    Am I 5d or fodder🤔
  • whatsapphow to gain in a month

    In this group you can earn a lot of money in a month by meta force SO wHAT IS META FORCE? This is a smart contract that requires you to network with people, and bulld a solid team structure. You earn in $$$ and all earnin...

    how to gain in a month
  • whatsappRAIS Free Manga Forum

    Get latest free chapters of manga. You can also subscribe to our vip channel to get latest and more updates of manga, manhwa and hentai

    RAIS Free Manga Forum
  • whatsappFreevip making money

    New update in Nigeria, don't miss this opportunity for a free mining robot every day you earn #500 and you can withdraw it to a bank account
    Check out here
    No investment is needed

    Freevip making money
  • whatsappBuyers and Sellers Forum

    This is an online shop where buyers and sellers are connected for the sake of exchanging products and services .

    Buyers and Sellers Forum
  • whatsappCall of duty

    There are rules in the game join group to see rules and regulation and add your friends that will love to join tonight tournament
    Möbiusluke is the clan name

    Call of duty
  • whatsappGift shop Group

    Shop for uniques gifts items Homewares , Jewellery
    m/f to Fashion etc at a resealable rate
    To show our appreciation we will be
    giving you a special incentive on
    TUESDAYS. We offer
    promotional discounts off your

    Gift shop Group
  • whatsappHow to make money online

    I WILL SHARE SECRETS OF HOW YOU CAN MAKE 100 TO 300k A MONTH ONLINE, PLEASE!!! Don't Join this what's Group if you're not ready and no excuses!!! Only for serious-minded people,
    Money-making WhatsApp Group 👥

    How to make money online
  • whatsappJust Forex & Cryptovest

    Here is the best Forex and Stock WhatsApp group in Lagos Nigeria follow group rules stated below 1: This group is for Forex and stock traders and Cryptovest 2: Get daily tutorial 3: Get news on daily signal 4: Long te...

    Just Forex & Cryptovest
  • whatsappProstate Cancer in Men Solution Centre

    Prostate in men include

    Prostate Cancer in Men Solution Centre
  • whatsappHairs_lounge

    we sell all kinds of wigs nationwide, at every budget, feel free to join the family, thank you for being part of our family.

  • whatsappY😇O😂l❤️O


  • whatsappNigeria lesbian only

    This group is meant for Nigerians 🏳️‍🌈 only 🚱 📌 Feel free to make new friends,lovers, E.t.c 📌 Matured minds only 💯 📌 LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 only💯 📌 Guys are not allowed ✅ 📌 No insults,quarrels or abusive words allowed✅ 📌 No discriminat...

    Nigeria lesbian only
  • whatsappLGBTQ verification group

    LGBTQ verification group once you are verified you will be add into the main group fill safe LGBTQ community

    LGBTQ verification group
  • whatsappWeightlose program group

    I'm an affiliate marketer who sells digital products online. I have what can help you lose weight at ease.

    Weightlose program group
  • whatsappCryptoCommunity

    Every cryptocurrency started in the same way. Many years of observation of the processes in this sector show that the most important factor in long-term crypto investments is patience and control over emotions when unde...

  • whatsappAffiliate Marketing - 72IG digital marketing cours

    21st century Business skills.... learn Affiliate Marketing, Copywriting, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, WhatsApp income blueprints etc

    Affiliate Marketing - 72IG digital marketing cours
  • whatsappAnime loaded

    A group were Otakus can communicate world wide, find friends, and discuss about ANIME no violence and hentai allowed only healthy convo allowed

    Anime loaded
  • whatsappElpleets fashion online school

    Fashion school for beginners in fashion and enthusiasts, we offer a broad range of courses, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you get intensive training that will set you on a fashion adventure and Build you to be ready to ...

    Elpleets fashion online school
  • whatsappSingle and set

    It's a group where singles converge to learn so about relationship, how to love right, maintain and sustain healthy relationship, how to move on from break up situations, and a whole lot more. We have sessions for emotional sup...

    Single and set
  • whatsappCatholic Faith Forum

    Our duty as Catholics is to *know* the truth; to *live* the truth; to *defend* the truth; to ```share``` the truth with others; and to ```suffer``` for the truth. *Where we come to nourish our Catholic Faith and find peace a...

    Catholic Faith Forum
  • whatsappLaptop&iPhone and accessories new/UK used

    I'm bode teck Ltd...I sell all new&UK used laptop/iPhone with all accessories including Mac book & all your iwatch from series 3 to series 6 ...Contact me 4 ur service & repair as well...we are going to give you d best price w...

    Laptop&iPhone and accessories new/UK used

    Ultimate Ninja Chronicles(UNC) invites you to this RPG that's based on a popular anime that we have all come to know and love, Naruto😎. Join us as we travel through the shinobi world experiencing its fun and trials and battle i...

  • whatsappCHRIST'S FAMILY

    It's a Christian group. We PREACHING only the endtime message. We don't allow bussines post. No sonography too

  • whatsappThe Future is woman

    A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman, woman needs to come out and voice out so that we will be heard

    The Future is woman
  • whatsappAmigurumi, crochet

    If you practice Amigurumi, Crochet or other techniques, join this group. Here we also sell our creations to earn extra money.

    Amigurumi, crochet
  • whatsappUsain Bolt Fans

    This is the Usain Bolt Fans group. We are admirers of him as a person and as an athlete. He was born to run the world but also to be generous.

    Usain Bolt Fans
  • whatsappFC Barcelona Fans

    We love FC Barcelona. We believe that there is no other better team in the world. His story says it all. Here we will share information about the club.

    FC Barcelona Fans
  • whatsappObito and Naruto Community

    If you are a Naruto or Obito lover, keep reading! This is a group for all Obito and Naruto fans around the world! Come in to find all current content about them. But, please, no posting sexual stuff!

    Obito and Naruto Community
  • whatsappFRIENDS CHAT

    If you want to have friendly chats and hang out, jump in and say: hi! We use to talk about gifts ideas, mind connection, music and instruments.

  • whatsappInstant money growth

    We are the best money-centered server on Whatsapp and have a lot to offer to those who want to have some extra benefits! We look forward to meeting you!

    Instant money growth
  • whatsappNourish your Faith

    If you're looking for a place where nourish your Catholic Faith, join us and share your feelings! Here you'll find peace amidst the noise of the world.

    Nourish your Faith
  • whatsappTake advantage of your youtube account

    This is whatsapp group that aims to train people on how to make more views on YouTube by using article to make videos. Come in and start the training!

    Take advantage of your youtube account
  • whatsappEnglish Vocabulary Lessons

    Hello everybody! This is a english vocabulary WhatsApp Group where we try to help others to improve their skills and have a better command and flow.

    English Vocabulary Lessons

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