WhatsApp groups in Malaysia

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  • whatsappMemes Community

    No Abuse Memes Just Fun (urdu+english)both are available thaknkyou for joining us we responsible for your any behave so please maintain disciplinary

    Memes Community
  • whatsappDepression Fighters 💪❤️

    This is a Channel for people suffering from all forms of depression to unite together and help each other out. Together we can overcome all or any challenges and give emotional support. We will also arrange meetings or meet up'...

    Depression Fighters 💪❤️
  • whatsappRoblox community

    ☄️*ROBLOX COMMUNITY *☄️ *-Welcome Here-* *Rules* 1: Don’t *Beg* For Robux. 2: Don’t be *Rude*. 3: Don’t *Share NSFW* 4: Don’t *Swear or Curse Someone* 5: Don't *Spam*. 6: *Speak* English. 7: No *Laggy - Glitchy text...

    Roblox community
  • whatsappGenshinPact

    Hello! This is a new group for people who play Genshin Impact. ❤️ Please respect eachother. Thank you for joining.

  • whatsappbesto friendo

    Rules 🎀Give intro :D *May use english so we can understand eachother *Respect Everyone (Major rule) *Members should be friendly *Sudden removal by admins is prohibited Admin job : Admin will kick who dont foll...

    besto friendo

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WhatsApp groups in Malaysia

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