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    The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Nyansara Catholic Choir is catholic choir from Ogembo Parish, Kisii Diocese, Kenya.
    Nyansara Catholic Choir is now available in YouTube. Thanks and be blessed.

  • whatsappGODCAST SA!

    As He Is, So Are we. TAKING IN THE WORD DAILY Rhapsody/ Teevo is posted every day at 08:30am and at 4:30pm(SAST). Taking in the Word daily. 1 John 4:17. Hallelujah! 📢Introduce yourself! 💨Free to ask questions. 💨Free to...

  • whatsappAlways Walking On The Clouds

    Always Walking On The Clouds is a non-profit Christian and religious organization, pioneered by Kevin B. McKay Ministries 📜. We believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God

    Always Walking On The Clouds
  • whatsappChurch,"come,let us reason together "

    Come and let's talk. Let's make friends. Let's share love. Let's share the love of God.Abovw all, let's love God.

  • whatsappKingdom citizens

    The bible is all about kingdom,king athe royal children.
    Religion was not the original plan of God.
    We were not created to just suffer and die.What's our potential in this earth?

    Kingdom citizens
  • whatsappMinistrying Group

    gain access to biblical scriptures/Quotes. The group offers study guides for participants to develop and experience a relationship with God through Prayers and biblical studies. We also engaged in fun activities such as biblica...

    Ministrying Group
  • whatsappBecome a christian: Prayer and healing group

    Become a christian,learn everything it takes to become a child of God.As you join the group,you will meet with other christians who will help you maintain a healthy relationship with God

    Become a christian: Prayer and healing group
  • whatsappThe World of God

    If you need a place where be free, this is your whatsapp channel. Here you'll find peace amidst the noise of the world.

    The World of God
  • whatsappBible Teaching

    This whatsapp group was created as a free place where share your religion feeling and your faith. If you are interested, join us!

    Bible Teaching
  • whatsappChristian prayers

    Hello! Here you'll find peace amidst the noise of the world.We want to motivate others through the same peace life changes that they have been through.

    Christian prayers
  • whatsappGod loves you

    God loves you. Share with us your love for the word of God and let us love each other. We are strangers but God unites us and loves us.

    God loves you
  • whatsappChristian reading

    The best tips on how to read: discipline, determination and focus. So, if you want to follow a methodical religious process to get blessed, join us and set your goals. With a well structured plan in place you will be amazed on...

    Christian reading
  • whatsappBible doubts

    If you feel you have doubts about religion, join us! The Bible provides convincing answers to question like why so much suffering? May God bless you as you discover what the Bible can teach you.

    Bible doubts
  • whatsappSpiritual growth

    Nice to see you and welcome to a group that strengthen our friendship as well as the relationship in Christ. We will be sharing personal issues and will try to solve them in regard to what bible says.

    Spiritual growth
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