Animu🍓 Bubu ✨

Animu🍓 Bubu ✨

(๑ↀᆺↀ๑) Welcome to the group ANIMU🍓Bubu....✨

Note:- +49(Hikari) is a savage bot 🤖 plzz don't call it or ask for a date!☕🧋


📌Everything you post must be related to anime.😇😇
📌No cursing or swearing.
📌Be kind and polite.
📌Promotors, get lost.
📌Respect admins.
📌Speak only english.
📌Hentai & porno stuffs are strictly forbidden 🚫.
📌Be cool and love ANIME.😎😎

Don't talk about Bts!☠️

Follow the rules or omae wo korosu 🔪🔪
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