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  • whatsappAni Wall Stick Yo

    In this group chat we share wallpapers, stickers and anime content

    Will happy 😁 to see there

    Ani Wall Stick Yo

    The OG Anime discussion group for all the Otakus and weebs
    Let's all the anime fans worldwide unite here

  • whatsappAnime lovers around the world

    Hi! This is a whatsapp group to share all update about anime world. If you don't want to miss the latest new, join us! Please, don't be rude and do not share porn links.

    Anime lovers around the world
  • whatsappWelcome to Animes Land!

    Hello! If you want to get lost into an anime world, come in and enjoy! When entering the group, introduce yourself to know each other! Insulting no one.

    Welcome to Animes Land!
  • whatsappAnime Fans

    If you are an anime lover just join our anime group ;D How may you participate in this group? Join an ongoing discussion or create a new one. This'll be great!!!

    Anime Fans
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