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  • telegramEnglish practice

    Language practicing,anime discussion ,welcome in ,happy talk ,Japanese language school learning experience learning English language courses which is great learning to do with studying language scores for student courses and st...

    English practice
  • telegramGO English

    Hello there! If it's on top of your priority speaking English naturally, + speak with foreign members from around the globe, Don't hesitate to JOIN US, because our group GO English was created since 2019, + we are distributing...

    GO English
  • telegramIndonesian English Community

    English for Indonesian learners Non-indonesians are welcome 🚫 No NSFW, hate speeches & business content ⚠️ Any kinds of links/adv need admin's approval ✅ Speak in English as best as you can ✅ Respect & behave in a friendly ...

    Indonesian English Community
  • telegramEnglish Team

    Do you want a telegram channel just talk and chat in English? Don't think twice and join us! Here you'll find a lot of english tips and vocabulary content. Please, do'-t send any link or advertising!

    English Team
  • telegramTo avoid english mistakes

    Do you want to improve your english skills? This a telegram group to learn all about the common english mistakes that may kill your credibility.

    To avoid english mistakes
  • telegramThe best way to learn English

    Do you know that idioms are really useful to learn english? In this group you'll know the ones most used in a everyday english conversation and their meaning. Join us!

    The best way to learn English
  • telegramLet's improve your English!

    Do you want to improve your eglish skills? Come in and start a conversation or join one already started! There is only one rule: English is the only language!

    Let's improve your English!
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