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  • telegramClub Lexxx🐾 (Furry RP)

    Welcome to Club Lexxx🐾 Lexxx is a nightclub themed public roleplay chat where everyone is welcome to join the fun and roleplay together in a nightclub plot or just OOC chat if public roleplay isn’t your thing.

    Club Lexxx🐾 (Furry RP)
  • telegramFurry Cubs Roleplay! NSFW

    Telegram group: Furry Cubs Roleplay! NSFW

    This Cub Group contains sexual Roleplay! Are you of legal age to join?

    Furry Cubs Roleplay! NSFW
  • telegramFurry Community ERP 18+

    Just a chill place for furries to come and hangout, talk, roleplay, and feel welcome. General rules apply (no starting drama, leave political and religious discussions to pms, no spamming, ask permission to pm people)

    Furry Community ERP 18+
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