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  • telegramBusiness community

    This is a professional channel for entrepreneurs, startup employees, Mentors, Angel Investors, VCs and Eco-system Enablers. We have as a objective to generate business through the community. Join us if you want to be part of it.

    Business community
  • telegramEbay tricks and tips

    We are the best Ebay-centered server and have a lot to offer to e-commerce fans everywhere! In this group you'll find all what you need to know, we will share it together. It-s a great opportunity to increase your knowledge to ...

    Ebay tricks and tips
  • telegramBlockchain Technology

    Do you want to know about a server for blockchain technology? This groups is for all those interested in undertaking, investing and researching on blockchain have a suitable space. In this server you can find specialized chann...

    Blockchain Technology

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